I share the software and expertise I have developed through my research to improve transit operation. With my partner, Sean Crudden, I develop, implement, and maintain open-source software to help transit agencies make the most of their transit data.

We produce real-time vehicle arrivals with any real-time feed of vehicle location data. We have developed the first real-time prediction method based on Machine Learning. We can display the real-time predictions in the open-source platform, OneBusAway, which is available on the Web, IOS, Android, and text-message.

We use historical vehicle location data to provide geo-spacial analysis of transit operations. Our tools can help transit agencies monitor the performance of their service and identify service gaps. We also automate reporting duties to help transit agencies avoid the labor-intensive process.

We implement a real-time control method that successfully reduced bus bunching on three frequency transit routes. The control method holds vehicles at one or few control points along the route to space out bunched buses according to current operating conditions.

We work in a community of open-source users who work collaboratively to improve tools that mutually benefit everyone. Based on the formerly open-source software, TransiTime, we have lead the transition to the TransitClock, an open-source platform regrouping every needs of transit agencies. Our tools can be used by anyone and are compatible with any type of hardware available. This open approach gives our tools the agility to address the evolving needs of transit agencies.

For more information about software deployment and consulting don’t hesitate to reach out!